Right, that fight was the 1st time KT lash out and it’s harsh but MY has been harsh all along and people get on with her but not KT?

I was reading comments and people are sad because MY gets hurt,she is been hurting people since day 1,sometimes she gets it back but KT can’t even get mad once? Now KT is the bad guy?

I’ve been thinking that this drama send some kind of wrong message, that if you are normal, you have to be able to endure life with proper etiquette but if you’ve got issue, you can be true to yourself because you’ve got no filter.

I am saying this because I’ve seen people hating Juri so bad and it because they think she hurts MY and now KT is the target? Also is MY really has ASPD? Is it just a theory based on her character description? Not actually explain in the drama.

People who are nice in the surface are fine, doesn’t mean they are fake, they just want to make it runs smoothly since they aren’t in deep contact with anyone either. Just because we don’t show our true self in front of everyone, doesn’t mean we are fake and hypocrite, we just doesn’t want trouble.

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