The police have not officially ruled the death of J-actor Miura Haruma a suicide but it’s just a formality. J-ent is in deep mourning for the passing of this shining star and out pourings of grief are coming from all corners, his many costars, collaborators, and industry friends and of course his huge fandom. He reportedly left a suicide note and his friends revealed that he’s been drinking heavily until passing out starting around 2 years ago which was unusual as a coping mechanism. Friends describe him as a very sweet and particular sensitive young man, he held himself to a high standard in acting and was upset when he believed he didn’t deliver or the project was not good in the end. He had a hard time brushing off criticism and could get so immersed into a character it took longer for him to come out of a project. Good friend Oguri Shun said two years ago when asked about Haruma that he was a wonderful persona and worried about him and wanted him to live to happy life. Sigh, still so so sad here.

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