The Frontrunner

Deliveree and its popular truck booking platform have achieved front runner status amongst logistics startups in Indonesia through a combination of their large customer booking volumes, big fleet, multiple service lines, roster of blue-chip clients, and a following amongst SMEs who comprise the bulk of Indonesia’s economy. 

Customers download their mobile app from Play Store or Apples Apps Store as well as use their web application on their website. Choose your truck and book for a match with a nearby driver within a few minutes for a spot booking or scheduled pickup up several days in advance. 

With their range of 10 different truck types, Deliveree offers both long haul services as well as shorter distance intracity deliveries over a service area that includes all of Java, Bali, Lombok, and parts of Sumatra. Also, we compared their prices to other platforms and a few quotes we received. Deliveree was consistently quite cheap by comparison. 

At the time of writing, their active fleet is estimated to be approximately 30,000 commercial trucks along with smaller vehicles such as vans and pickups. Customer volumes are estimates to be 3,000 to 4,000 truck bookings per day. 

Deliveree is the only player on our list that wasn’t founded in Indonesia although they have relocated their group headquarters to Jakarta. Founded by a venture builder called Inspire Ventures, Deliveree launched in Thailand early 2015 and opened a large operation in Indonesia later that same year. Today, they operate in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. LinkedIn reports their total staff count to be 266 but recent news interviews have claimed their actual staff count to be much closer to 350 across their three markets for this startup logistics disruptor. 

Here’s a summary table of the facts we were able to pull together about Deliveree, first on our list of growth stage picks 2020.

Deliveree Logistics Startup Indonesia Key Statistics

How to check their price? Click cek ongkir 

What do we like the most? Their brand is popular and visible. With big monthly searches for the brand name, a large customer install base, and their green branded trucks seen buzzing all over Jakarta – Deliveree seems to be everywhere these days. 

What do we like the least? Their service area is mostly Java. It clearly should cover the whole country and we’re wondering what’s taking them so long. Startup logistics disruptors should move faster than this.


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