K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun has been teasing us with her comeback in four years after the brief snippet of her at the end of zombie sageuk Kingdom 2 in March. She’s already signed on for the mountain rescue drama Mount Jiri with Joo Ji Hoon (initially Park Seo Joon) but she will reportedly pull double duty and also film the spin-off movie to Kingdom airing on Netflix. It will center on her warrior character in Kingdom last seen keeping zombies captive, and how she deals with the early spread of the illness. Due scheduling conflicts of the two leads in Kingdom, season 3 will reportedly not filmed for another 2-3 years even so the spin-off will be a nice bridge. I’m excited for both movies but neither will require Jeon Ji Hyun’s most breathtaking talent, being a top model who can pose and vogue like no one else as seen in this most recent W Korea pictorial. Wowsers.

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