The stars of OCN’s newest psychological sci-fi thriller, Train, glowed in their playful photoshoot for Marie Claire Korea.

With the spectacular first two episodes of Train bringing mind-boggling mystery to our TV screens, fans can’t get enough of the power duo that spearheads the show. Deviating from their usually intense personas in the K-Drama, Yoon Shi Yoon and Kyung Soo Jin flaunted their cute side during their Marie Claire photoshoot.

Yoon Shi Yoon x Kyung Soo Jin x Marie Claire

Dangerously Cute

In the first photo that Marie Claire Korea shared on their Instagram page, the two actors are all smiles as they charm the camera while seated comfortably on the floor. With Yoon Shi Yoon’s stylish preppy ensemble and Kyung Soo Jin’s bursts of color and playful Dutch braids, the pair could easily pass as adorable college students ready to make their way to the park. We’re not sure if we can handle beauty of this magnitude all in one photo.

The shot showcases our leading lady donning an ivory tinted co-ord that seems to have been inspired by office chic meets safari. She girl boss elegance she exudes here is absolutely unparalleled.



Yoon Shi Yoon proves that he can rock literally every color on the rainbow with this eye-catching sweater and pastel button-down shirt. We’re loving how it was paired with classic corduroy shorts!

The Duality is Real

In true parallel universe style, the duo can flip the switch on their aesthetic real quick. The second and third photos swerve from the enlivening theme of the previous one, as they depict them both in a black and white setting. Their pensive stares and understatedly elegant attire simply ooze classic charisma that they carry effortlessly. The quiet and profound motif effectively exhibits and personifies the formidable duality that the two actors possess.



Read the full editorial in the August issue of Marie Claire Korea, and keep an eye out for the interview to be uploaded on the magazine’s official Youtube channel soon!

Terrifying Train

Meanwhile, Train has been raking in views thanks to its puzzling enigmas, petrifying plot, and stellar performances by an amazing cast. How are you guys recovering from the heart-wrenching cliff hanger that the series left us with this week?

Source: Marie Claire Korea


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