TVXQ’s Yunho has participated in a photo shoot and interview with Elle, where he opens up facing slumps in his career and his mindset during those difficult times.

The photo shoot reflected the sturdy aura and charm that Yunho has shown during his almost 17 years in the industry. Although he was drenched in water for the photo shoot, he is said to have shown high levels of concentration and never stopped until he got the perfect shot, receiving cheers from the staff on set.

During the interview that followed the photo shoot, Yunho candidly opened up about what he’s been up to, his values, and his journey so far. When asked about his energetic and ambitious persona, Yunho said, “I’ve gone through a lot of slumps till now and felt many limits, but I never backed down.” He added, “Because I kept going, even when things got tough, I started to enjoy myself and I realized that I knew a lot more than I thought I did. That’s why I like words like ‘passion’ and ‘never gives up.’”

Yunho’s full photo spread and interview are available in the August issue of Elle.

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