Park Jin Joo and Park Min Young continue to show their support for each other!

On July 19, Park Jin Joo took to her Instagram to thank Park Min Young for sending her a coffee truck and uploaded some photos of herself expressing her excitement and bowing in front of the truck.

The long message on the banner resembles the one Park Jin Joo had sent to Park Min Young in March and reads, “Our Jin Joo… looks like a baby, but when you get to know her, she has sexy abs. Jin Joo, who worries because she has no materialistic desires, drools while sticking to the window of a luxury shop. She is a faithful friend who attends prayer meetings even after drinking and going home past sunrise. She seems like she’s good at acting even when she does so half-heartedly, but when you get to know her, she’s the type who can’t fall asleep because of her acting. I grew to like her because she’s funny, but I grew to love her because she’s cool. Please take care of our Jin Joo.”

Park Jin Joo wrote a sweet and hilariously sentimental message addressed to Park Min Young, whom she refers to as unnie (older female friend or sister) in the caption. She titled it, “I’m fortunate,” and wrote the following message:

I’m fortunate to be able to meet Min Young unnie and touch her hair(?), to meet unnie and to breathe while looking at each other, to hold(?) her and spill tears when things get hard. Because a beautiful world called unnie is here with me… The fact that I’m not abandoned alone even within the violent winds and underneath the wet rooftop, the fact that my living day to day tiredly and ruthless survival is by chance not meaningless, the fact that it’s because of the amazing person who is Minyoung unnie, who always stood by me.

She added some cute hashtags as well, writing, “Park Min Young is the best. Let’s date.”

Park Jin Joo and Park Min Young played best friends in the hit 2019 tvN drama “Her Private Life,” and Park Jin Joo currently stars in the tvN drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.”

Check out Park Jin Joo and Park Min Young in “Her Private Life” below!

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