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Life can bring a variety of problems your way and it’s not always easy to share your struggles. Experience cathartic healing through the characters of Mystic Pop-up Bar healing customers and enjoy some laughs along the way! Mystic Pop-up Bar starring Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Won-young and BTOB’s Sung-jae is based on popular webtoon and tells the story of a mysterious pop-up bar where the owner Wol-ju has to solve the problems for 10,000 people to avoid going to hell. 

Director Jeon Chang-geun, Hwang Jung-eum, Choi Won-young, Lee Jun-hyeok, and Jeong Da-eun gathered for a press conference and dished on how the drama will be different from the webtoon, the drama being Yook Sung-jae’s last project before military, and how the healing drama offers a refreshing take on societal issues. Since Yook Sung-jae is busy serving in the military, they included a cute paper cut-out of the actor to join.

How the Drama Compares to the Original Webtoon?

Director: The drama is quite different from the original webtoon. There are some differences with the characters. The webtoon focuses on individual customer’s stories a lot but the drama focuses moe on the characters  helping the customers.

Hwang Jung Eum: I cried alot while looking at the original [webtoon]. There’s more comedy than I had expected, but the drama balances comedy and serious point well.

Message to BTOB’s Yook Sung-Jae Who Enlisted in the Military

Choi Won-young: We knew he had to go to the military, but not the exact date. He received notice and had to quickly go, so I couldn’t see him before he left. I messaged him and said I was sorry I couldn’t buy him a meal before he enlisted.

Hwang Jung-eum: You worked so hard and I was worried about you enlisting. However, you look healthy, so that makes me feel relieved. Be sure to watch the drama!

Lee Jun-hyeok: Eat well and listen to your superiors. It will end soon. Time flies. Really. Hurry and come out. Let’s go get a drink then.

Jeong Da-eun also cheered him on and expressed hopes to catch up after he completes his service.

About Mystic Pop-Up Bar

500-year-old mysterious pop-up bar owner Wol-ju (starring Hwang Jung-eum) has to solve problems for 10,000 people in order to avoid hell. She teams up with Kang-bae (starring Yook Sung-jae)who has a special power that leads people to share their deepest wounds and worries when they touch him. Wol-Ju, Kang-bae and Gui (starring Choi Won-young), who is an assistant of Wol-ju, jump into people’s dreams and try to resolve their worries. Mystic Pop-up Bar is a healing fantasy counseling drama in which the pop-up bar team enters the dreams of their guests and relieves their troubles.

Mystic Pop-up Bar is available on Netflix with weekly episodes every Wednesday and Thursday, 10PM (MYT).



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