MAMAMOO’s Hwasa shared her experience with a recent injury on the latest episode of “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”).

On the July 17 broadcast of MBC’s “Home Alone,” MAMAMOO’s Hwasa made an appearance to give a look into her daily life. Her segment began with her lying in bed, to which Park Na Rae commented, “This is the first time I’ve seen you lying in bed. You’re usually lying down on the couch.”

Hwasa explained, “Just before my comeback, I was dancing and suddenly threw out my back. I immediately fell over and had to be taken by an ambulance.”

Late last month, Hwasa’s agency RBW Entertainment released a statement about her injury and informed fans that she would be unable to perform at KCON:TACT 2020 which took place from June 20 to June 26.

She continued, “A week before my comeback, I ended up in the hospital. I was originally supposed to start a bunch of activities that day. The first day, I couldn’t walk or move at all. The next day, I could only walk a bit. Besides when I coughed and farted, it was okay. When I fart, I honestly scream [because it hurts].”

While lying down, Hwasa placed an order for boiled chicken soup and then began slowly getting up. In the studio, Hwasa explained, “At that time, I was a lot better because I could get up.” She also revealed that she couldn’t wash her hair, but that she did for the first time in awhile that day. When asked how long she couldn’t wash it for, Hwasa hilariously responded, “That’s a secret.” Park Na Rae made everyone laugh by commenting, “It was a week then.”

While waiting for her food, Hwasa put on a back brace and began practicing her choreography lying down, which Son Dam Bi called “image training.” Despite everyone’s concerns, Hwasa shared, “If I don’t even do that, I begin having all kinds of thoughts.”

After eating her soup, Hwasa began putting on makeup for a live broadcast. During the broadcast, she chat with fans and unboxed her new solo mini album to give viewers a sneak peek. She commented, “I’m sorry that I got hurt. I’ll get better quickly and work hard.”

Ending her broadcast exactly one minute before the release, Hwasa expressed nervousness as she shared, “I’ve heard it more than 10,000 times. However, listening to it on a music site makes it sound like a completely new song.” She also adorably told herself, “It’s cool. You worked hard.”

Later, Hwasa chat with her dad on the phone and began tearing up at news of her mother. Her father told her, “Your mom told me not to tell you but she got a CT scan.”

In the interview after, Hwasa added, “[My dad said] my mom doesn’t feel well but she said not to tell me so that I wouldn’t pay attention to it. While preparing for my album, I neglected a lot of people. I selfishly only focused on my album. I chose this career to be happy but there are a lot of things I keep missing.”

On the phone, she told her dad, “You should’ve just come to Seoul. Why did you wait? But it’s not that serious.” Once he confirmed that it wasn’t too serious, Hwasa continued, “I’m gonna tell everything to mom. That you made me cry. Play my songs for mom. Which song do you like the best?”

He picked her title track “Maria” and they both said “I love you” before hanging up. As her final message, Hwasa jokingly told her dad, “Make sure you stream lots.” You can watch her “Maria” music video here.

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